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Guide To Make 12M In 4 Years Through Planting Eucalyptus Trees

Have you been looking for ways of investing your monthly income? Then this article will help you achieve your dreams.

In this world you have to make two choices. The first is to work hard for your money and the second choice is to risk your money.

Eucalyptus tree in particular have many use including; electricity poles, timber for furniture, fuel and contructions purpose.

Follow the below guidelines to make 12 million in just 4 years.

1. Seedlings

You need to purchase Eucalyptus seedlings from certified companies. It only cost less than ksh 200.

Prepare a nursery bed and ensure you water it daily.

2. Land

You need to own one acre of land. Remember that eucalyptus can do well in any region.

An acre of land can accommodate 3,600 seedlings. Dig holes and place the seedlings at a spacing of one metre.

3. Market

After 4 years your eucalyptus trees will be ready to harvest. You can sell your trees to construction sites or any available market.

4. Income

Let say that you planted 3,600 trees but only 3,000 trees managed to mature. One unprocessed tree can be sold at ksh 4,000. In total you will have earned 12 million.

This is a huge profit such that you would have spend less than 10,000 in managing the trees to maturity.

Thanks you for reading. Kindly comment your opinion on this guide.

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