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Multi Million Company Owning Garden City

Garden city mall is among the best and the biggest malls in kenya as per now . But the mall comes after the biggest mall in kenya knows as Two Rivers mall .

Garden city mall is located along Thika super highway hence this is a multi billion investment that the owners invested in the mall back in 2015 when it was officially launched.

Garden city mall is home to prominent companies and offices so as to shops starting with the likes of Safaricom agent,Game Store, Shoprite, Art Caffe, MAC Cosmetics, Mambo Italia, East Africa Breweries Limited and victoria courts only to name a few but there are many more of name brands situated in the mall.

The mall has other several housing units that houses several residents of the city from all races. And also from several countries in the world owning itself from the luxurious parking to luxurious housing and also securities is of a good choice . 

The multi billion investment in Thika road has an international owner who works with a company that owns the mall and the multi billionaire company goes by the name ACTIS which is a united kingdom based organisation that invested in Kenya . 

ACTIS is based in london and has also several malls situated in kenya only to mention a few of them one is Thika Road Mall famously know as TRM

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ACTIS Art Caffe East Africa Breweries Limited Garden Garden City


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