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Kenya's Public Debt Crisis Getting Out Of Control, See What We Are Risking

Kenya's public debt burden is impossible to understand and relatively very huge and currently stands at sh 7.06 trillion which is equivalent to 65 percent of total growth domestic product. The Kenyan government have been getting the loan from institutions such as World bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF).

As a country, we risking a great deal. One case which is likely to occur once again like it happened in Sri Lank. The country hard so many debts that China had to take over their port for a lease period of ninety nine years after the government had failed to pay it's debt. It took away their port so that they could cancel the country's loan. They even went ahead to give job opportunities only to the people of their own nation leaving the locals suffering with no employment at all, that is where we headed as a country.

The public debt is as a result of borrowing too much money to invest on long run investment. On the case of Sri Lanka, the president had taken the loan to build roads and improve infrastructure. Many unused roads and large hospitals with no doctors is all is left in Sri Lanka.

Another issue being misuse of public funds, this is where money is not spend in accordance to what it was intended for. For this reason,the Kenyan government should be more cautious on taking more loans to prevent all the problems associated with them.

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