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Poor Somalian Citizens Selling And Buying Huge Bundles Of Money In Open-Air Market (Video)

Somalia is one of many African countries with a badly undeveloped economy. This is likely attributable to the country's political instability.

Still, many were taken away after viewing photos of Somali vendors at the Hargeisa marketplace. In the images, shoppers and vendors use a wide variety of currencies to conduct business in open-air markets. The currency being exchanged between the parties is the US dollar.

When there is a great deal of currency in circulation, its purchasing power decreases. This is why the Somaliland currency is doing so poorly compared to the US dollar. There is an exchange rate of 6000 Somali shillings for one dollar.

The number of Americans struggling to make ends meet is steadily increasing every day. Prices for even the most fundamental necessities are over the roof because the value of money has plummeted.

The open-air currency markets of Nigeria are another example of a globally recognized country where such transactions take place. Theft reports are extremely rare in these markets because of the continuously high degree of security present there.

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