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Dark Side of Social Media And How They Are Destroying People's Lives

Currently many people are living in a social media powered world whereby they happen to meet different kind of people and life experiences online. Nowadays people spend most of their time on social media and that is not a secret.

People are living a very fake life on social media which they cannot afford it in reality. One can borrow clothes and big smartphones just to post good looking photographs of themselves on social media.

The biggest social media app that is taking most of people's time is Facebook. People can stay on Facebook for more than ten hours a day just reading comments from different post without getting tired.[Photo Courtesy]

People just post anything on facebook asking for advice and many people will come flood giving you advice that is very wrong or inappropriate. Others just post photos and expect good comments on it. However they become frustrated when they are body shamed and this can increase risk of stress and other mental illness.

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Social media has also led to breakup of many marriages and relationship as people are not loyal anymore. You will be surprised when a girl tells you that about more that twenty men are hitting on her inbox asking for a hand in relationship. That is not a secret as I have seen so many unloyal partners are dumped after cheating on Facebook.[Photo Courtesy]

Instagram and WhatsApp are another apps that are taking most of your time. Many people have lost their jobs due addiction for social media. Their employers are forced to terminate their contracts in the basis of laziness and working less time than expected.

Addiction to social media has taken the better side of the people and now everyone can do anything just to have time to chat on Facebook. The addiction comes with a price as you can not do without it. In order to avoid all this problems we must use the social media with alot of care.

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