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Hidden Things You Never New You Phone Can Do

The mobile phone is one of the most widely used computer in the world. Phones are owned by a great percentage of people. The main function of developing the phone was to enhance communication. However, with the ever improving technology, phones have been modified to do more. In this article, we will look at some of the things your phone can do but you have never known.

1. You can easily clone your phone to another and get all the things you had in the previous Phone. This is important when you buy a new phone. You simply input the backup account you use in your old phone and everything will be updated on the new phone. This includes your contacts, apps and any other important data.

2. Your phone can work as a weighing scale but for small weights that are unlikely to break the screen. All you need is the correct up and you are good to go.

3. It is possible to operate two different windows or apps on your phone at the same time. An example is chatting while reading a novel. Engaging this mode on your phone is dependent on the phone brand you use.

4. You can link two phones and share data between them like you connect a laptop or computer to your phone or computer. This is all thanks to the OTG (One Touch Go) cable system.

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