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Secret Android Codes That can Help You to Know if Someone is Spying on You

Technology has improved dramatically over the years and as long it is beneficial to us, there are its disadvantages. Some individuals have come up with ways in which they can 'mine' your data or monitor everything that you are doing with your phone including calls and text messages.

Here are some of the codes that can be used in any android phones to detect if there is malicious activities in their devices.

1. *#21#

This code will show you if your calls, messages or data are being diverted to another number. These diversions can happen if you have a jealous spouse or a parent is monitoring what their kids are doing with their phones in private.

2. *#62#

This code will show you exactly where your calls and/or text messages are being directed to.

3. ##002#

Incase the above two codes have shown that there is actually a redirection of your data, then dial the above code to wipe off the permission and stay off from stalkers.

Content created and supplied by: HelenMalkia (via Opera News )


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