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Kenyans to take full control over Safaricom for the first time in history

Safaricom can now see Kenyans take full control of it after they appoint John Ngumi as their next director. John Ngumi has been appointed to replace Michael Joseph. This means that higher management authorities will all be controlled by Kenyans in Safaricom.

This is the first time that leadership in Safaricom is made up of pure Kenyans since its establishment in the country.

The appointment of John Ngumi will take effect on 1'st August, this means that the former director will continue to be in leadership for the time being.

The appointment of the first Kenyan as director of Safaricom leaves many questions behind, as it is not clear how competent they are to hold such a high office. This comes at a time that Safaricom is facing stiff competition from other network providers like the Telcom and Airtel networks.

It is just a matter of time before we see how Safaricom will work with the new appointments.

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