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Are you a skillful writer with overflowing content? Online writing is for you. Here are the benefits

What is online writing? Online writing also referred to as digital writing, refers to any text created with a computer, Smartphone, or a digital device for the purpose of viewing by the intended audience.

Formats of online writing include texting, instant messaging, emailing, tweeting, blogging and posting comments on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Accepting and embracing the benefits of online writing has created more employment opportunities especially with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Online writing is not difficult to anyone who is a passionate writer and especially one who wants to earn an income and not just for fun or as an escape.

In Kenya today, online writing is one of the fastest way to get paid legitimately and has been made easier with the use of MPESA services offered by Safaricom. The convenience of using MPESA is that, when payment or any kind of transaction is made, payment is received directly to your phone.

Before starting this journey, all you need to have is a creator’s account and other platforms to stand out in this competitive job market. In addition, make sure you have reliable internet especially if you want to do more research on the topic you are working on.

What are the benefits of online writing?


Online writing is one of the fastest ways to make money honestly. You get paid well for your level of creativity and hard work. Having created good reputations with other clients earns you a bonus income. Payment can be done through MPESA or Paypal.


For an online writer, this means one has an option of choosing when to work and when to rest. It allows you to work for several clients and earning your income without being committed to one client.


Anyone who has been to school and their curriculum comprised of writing compositions, then you've had enough introduction to online writing.

Unlike other online jobs such as programming, online writing is much simpler to learn as long as you're good with tenses and grammar.


Do you want to work from anywhere without restrictions? Then online writing is the job meant for you. You can work from anywhere and deliver the required assignment(s) on time depending on your scheduling, even at the comfort of your house or your bed.


Here you have the freedom to manage your time. The work to be done depends on your scheduling of activities in your timetable as long as you meet your deadlines.


This benefit works as a saving aspect for your income especially during this period of Covid-19. Bus fare is expensive if you live in major towns and you have a family depending on you. Getting to say goodbye to commuting and the expenses it comes with, you save a lot of money and time. You also get to spend quality time with your family and friends on times you’re not working or when not too busy.

In conclusion, online writing as a platform is a lifesaver both for the writer and the clients. It should be used as a platform for sharing information, improving skills and mental awareness. For this to be achieved, required resources should be brought together such as availability of internet and digital devices. In addition, online writers should be protected from scammers as they work tirelessly to deliver their work and meet deadlines.

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