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Uses Of The Tiny Hole Next To The Charging Port In Smartphones

Sometimes you may look at your phone and wonder what is the role of some features. When this happens you should never allow ignorance to sweep you, strive to know, everyday should be a big learning experience for you. I have been observing for several days that my phone has a small hole at the bottom and I checked it in other Android phones and found the same thing. I have never known the purpose of the hole, so I did some research and found out that it has several roles.

The hole is for the microphone that is used for calls, when you block or tamper with it, the person calling you may fail to hear you clearly. Other voice input applications that record sound like google assistant also function using the hole.

The hole makes your voice more clearer to the person calling. That is why it is not on the top of the phone rather down next to your mouth. Sound waves get their way through it making communication easier.

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