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Top 5 Most Expensive Cameras In The World.

1.Leica 0-Series no.122.

Leica,widely considered to be the best camera brand in the world which produced a limited series of 25 cameras in 1923.Now,over eight decades later,one of those ultra rare cameras was sold to private collector for a jaw-dropping $2.97M.

2.Phase One XF IQ4.

This is the first 151-megapixel camera,the XF IQ4 has the excellence in quality and the superior performance that phase one is known for, but takes it to new heights.It is built on the new and innovative infinity costing $50,000.

3.Hesselblad H6D-400CMS.

This is one of the finest camera makes has pushed the boundaries of photography yet again with the H6D-400c, which has the highest image quality and the best colour accuracy and it's cost is $47,995.

4.Panoscan Mk-3 Panoramic.

This is a most unique camera which is able to capture a full 360 degree image in one shot in just 8 seconds without the need to composite different image together.Military personnel and crime scene investigators use this camera.This camera costs $40,000.

5.Mamiya Leaf Credo 80Mp Digital Back.

Just over a decade age,the company merged with leaf imaging a leading producer of digital camera backs,to create Mamiya Leaf.The digital back is what gives a camera its main processing power for digital images which costs $36,000.

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