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Technology Will One Day Drive Us Crazy! Look At What This University Has Invented

The world is advancing at a very high speed. Technology is leading in almost all sectors of the economy. Technology like robots and other machines are replacing human being in various work stations. These machines are even performing better than human being. This is clearly seen in health sector where robots can perform an operation without making errors.

The discovery of drones has made supervision, investigations and gathering military information easier. It has been designed further to even carry out air strike and bombing without being seen by the enemies. The students of Cambodian university have introduced another done that can be manned and ferry people. According to the developers, they have made a milestone on the improvement of the drone. They carried a successful test of the drone.

When it will be completed, the drone will used to ferry people around Phnom Penh town. They also added that the drone will be useful in fighting fire. The invention has taken three years. They said that they need another two years to complete the project.

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