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It Is a Trap Do Not Fall For It. Risk of Confirming Some Facebook Friend Requests

Many people all over the world uses Facebook in large numbers since it allows you socialize and share ideas with people. You can communicate with people from all over the world at the comfort of you home with just a phone and network connection.[Photo Courtesy]

Facebook allows you to sent and receive friend request from different people and also search for people you may know. The platform usually works on algorithm which suggest posts and friends to you to interact with.

Sending friend request allows you to connect with people who you have same interest or you know each other in one way or another. You might find yourself sending friend request to people you don't know all the name of suggestions from Facebook.

Another common thing is people you don't know sending you friend request. It is not bad to accept them but be sure that those people have good motives. Many people have lamented about people hacking their Facebook account and using it for there own good. After you accept their friend request they will start observing all your moves and at last moment they will hack your account and before you recover it they will have created a huge damage to your name and brand by exposing your details to the public

Another friend requests comes mainly from ladies and whenever you accept it you will start receiving updates about betting from them. They will lure you to believe that they have fixed betting matches. You will be required to pay some amount of money to receive the games but let me assure you their is no fixed matches that they have.

Other people have lamented especially some women that after accepting friend request, the people will start asking for nude pictures and even sending the nude photos to their inbox. Make sure that you know the kind of people you are accepting friend request from. What is your worst experience on receiving friend requests?

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