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Most Important Steps To Take Immediately After Buying A New SIM Card.

For some reason, buying a new Sim card comes with a good feeling, especially if it is your first one ever. Usually you have to decide which service provider you want to work with, however, you are not limited to using only one. In Kenya we are free to choose from the three most popular ones; Safaricom, Telkom and Airtel and you can use all at once.

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1. Read the user manual.

What stands out about all this topic of new Sim cards registration, something I find amusing is that people rarely if at all take time to read the user's manual that comes along with the new card.

In December 2019, Safaricom experienced some technical hitches that rendered their services including Mpesa unavailable.

Social media platforms and news channels filled with pictures of abandoned shopping baskets and trolleys in supermarket isles, cars spent the night at petrol stations because they could not pay for the services due to Mpesa unavailability. When the services were finally restored, one man who seemed to have been angered more than anyone else, rushed to court to sue Safaricom. He demanded that Kenyans be compensated for the inconveniences caused.

I knew the case was dead on arrival after taking just one look at Safaricom's manual for conditions of use. Clearly even Harvard's finest Law School graduate didn't stand a chance to win such a case.

"Condition 4.a" under "Suspension And Disconnection Of The Services" states; "We may suspend (bar), restrict or terminate the provision of the services (in whole or in part) without informing you and without any liability whatsoever (although, we will, where possible, try to inform you that such an action is or may be taken).

So for the sake of knowledge and being informed, take your time if you have not already and read the user manual.

2. Activate data manager.

I have worked in an Mpesa outlet for four years now. I have realized that this is the one thing that eludes the customers from all the three service providers.

By default, a new Sim card comes with data manager deactivated. If you have an internet enabled phone, every time you turn on mobile data and you have no data bundles, if you have credit on your line then it will be used up instead.

Customers often complain they can't trace their credit yet they are sure they didn't use it. Well this is it, your sim card simply allowed the internet connection to drain it.

How to activate data manager.

On any of the three lines, it can be done by dialing "*544#" and selecting "My data manager" then choose to activate.

Do this and take control of your airtime usage from now on.

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What other tip do you have for mobile users? Share with me in the comments tab below and I might include them in my next article. Thanks for reading and please, follow for more informative articles like this.

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