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How to Stop Losing Your Airtime Unknowingly

I have come met many people complaining that when they leave their phone with some airtime, they find it less than what they expected or even completely used. I have advised some on how to to overcome these challenges. While talking to some of them, there those already stopped using some sim cards to avoid losing their money on credit. On this article, I will give you possible reasons why you can't find your airtime and probably ways to avoid them.

If you have ever participated in radio games and you happened to send some answers to that questions they usually ask, what happens is that they usually send news updates to your line which costs more that Ksh 10 . You will find texts messages for news update but you won't be notified for the airtime usage.

Other method by which some people lose their airtime, is through Google games. If you are using a smartphone, you have ever come across an ad informing you that you have won a prize and to claim it you are supposed to enter your mobile number. By putting your number there, you subscribe to some services which will definitely cost you some airtime.

Now, if you are using a Safaricom sim card, you can unsubscribe from these problems by dialing *456# and go to stop option, you are supposed to stop premium services which you will find it on the same menu when you dial *456#.

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