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Dangers That Your Phone May Cause to Your Vision

Mobile phones have become the commonest tool used by almost everyone. But did you know the great dangers your phone may cause to your eyes! Well if you don't know then these are the dangers.

1. Prolonged use of phones causes asthenopia! Well what is asthenopia? Asthenopia is when you feel a lot of headache while using your phone. This symptom may worsen with prolonged mobile phone use and if left unaddressed the symptom may manifest to reduced vision.

2. Phone use without caution may result to eye straining and this symptom may result to inability to walk in the sun without protection such as sunglasses.

3. Consistent use of a phone may lead to accommodation insufficiency where your vision will continuously require more concentration to view a distant object.

4. Using a mobile phone has been shown to pose a great danger to the user as it causes the eyes to be extremely red. A red eye is linked to discomfort and one will always feel the sense of sensitivity to sunlight. Hence use your phones with caution!

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