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9 Things That Shows You Are Being Watched Without Your Knowledge

The whole world is connected via the internet and everything we do is either captured, recorded or displayed for the public to see thanks to social media. Actually, we are under surveillance by maybe many secret government agencies. You wouldn’t believe how many ways we are being watched and also without our consent. Listed below are 9 such ways.

Security camerasSecurity cameras are a useful thing, many business owners and homeowners have installed security cameras to discourage burglars and many crimes have been solved by the help of security cameras too, which without them would have gone unsolved. However, like most things, security cameras can be used for good as well as bad. Installing security cameras in a park or the street corner can be used for spying on people.

Cell phonesAlthough cell phones are pretty useful but it is the easiest way to keep tracks on you. Based on your phone signal, your location can be easily triangulated via your network provider and so any route you have been on can be traced. Even without triangulation, your phone contains GPS and it is easy to reveal your location with that. It's true, you can turn it off if you want, but if you think about it, isn’t it easy for them to remotely turn on your GPS and find your location?

Credit and debit cardsThese cards are helpful and you need them in everyday life, there is no denying that. But every time you swipe your card, you leave behind a digital footprint. It shows where you were and what you have purchased. This kind of information is being stored.

The InternetArguably the biggest way to watch somebody and spy on them is through the internet. There are so many things that are being performed on the internet. Things like search engines, social media, email accounts, general surfing and so on. Every time you visit a website your data is being recorded via your ISP and the website owner can store your data inside ‘cookies’. While most of the time this information is pretty worthless, some of it can be very sensitive. If the authorities wanted to, they could easily track your data and stand in front of your home.

DronesActually, these are the very same things that the government uses to blow up terrorist cells. But as it turns out, anyone can buy a drone online. And these drones are perfect for spying on somebody. These come with high-tech cameras attached to them. All you need to do is fly them above somebody’s home and record everything you want to see. It is indeed a very scary way to be watched upon.

VehiclesMost modern cars and other vehicles are now equipped with a black box similar to that found in an airplane. These black boxes record all your driving data including how fast you drive, how fast you were driving during the impact of an accident and whether you applied the brake or not. This data is all recorded and can be later utilized. Cars also have GPS installed in them, meaning everywhere you go, your information is being tracked and potentially followed.

PhotographsAlthough this might sound odd, but even your camera is a device that is used to spy on you. Most of the cameras we use have a specific chip inside which stores the Metadata. This data actually stores the location at which your picture was taken. When you upload it or print it, the data can be extracted. Unless you go to all the trouble of deleting the Metadata, your photographs provide a way to track you.

License plate recognitionPolice cars have this weird equipment installed on the roof or the trunk of their car. It looks like a camera and it is a very well-designed piece of technology. It is used to pick up the license number of all the cars passing by. The data is transferred to the police station computer and if they match the number of a wanted car, it alerts the officer. This is great technology to catch criminals, however, anyone can buy this and that can be a problem if used for the wrong purpose.

Facial recognitionTechnology has advanced so far that now it is possible to recognize somebody based on their facial features. There are devices which scan your face and keeps it stored. Later if you make an image search based on a picture, the device, based on how powerful it is, can find you no matter where you are. If you scan one picture of yourself then the search engine can possibly find all other pictures related to you.

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