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Are you fond of playing games?check out the 5 best games released in 2021.

1.Balan Wonderworld(PS5,Xbox,Switch,Ps4,PC)

Technically,this game looks like a mix up of features from many games which have been created over the past years.It entails a musical theatre that sends you into a diverse world populated by very many different costumes that give you different abilities.

2.Monster Hunter rise(Switch)

This is an excellent game released on March 26 by Switch.Here you use different weapons to fight giant monsters and it is more fun if you try the game with your friends.There is a new hook-esque tool to help you roam through the air while fighting.

3.Kingdom Hearts Complete Series(PC)

This game comes in three version namely Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+2.5 ReMix which combines four full games and cinematics from two other games,Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue which includes a full game,a bonus episode and a movie and finally the Kingdom Hearts lll+ Re Mind which is a full game plus an add-on mini-campaign.It is also available on PS4.

4.It Takes Two(PS5,Xbox,PS4,PC)

This is a game about relationship drama.It's about divorce and broken relationship with a child standing in between the couple.The trailer was captivating and in the EA fractured couple is transformed into dolls and they have to push through various challenges.

5.Crash Bandicoot 4.It's About Time

This game will be released on PS5,Xbox,Series X/s but you can upgrade to have it on PS4 and Xbox one.It's an updated Marvel game with a new character(Hawkeye) introduced in the game.

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Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+2.5 Switch.Here


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