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Do You Sometimes Feel Like Your Phone Is Vibrating? You Might be Suffering From This Condition

When your phone is on vibration mode,it helps you to be notified anytime you recieve a new message or calls. This idea has helped people to minimize disturbance in public offices where high pitch sound is not accepted. It has also helped to minimize noice pollution in public places.[Photo Courtesy]

However, there are some times where you just feel like your phone is vibrating when you have not set it on vibration mode. That one should not worry you since it is common to almost every one in the world. When you feel something like that, it is because of a phenomena usually referred to as Phantom vibration which makes one to believe that their phone is vibrating.

Researchers claim that the cause of phantom vibration is still not known but they try to link it with occasional use of your phone. If you have used a phone more than a month,the hallucination of it vibrating will be experienced.

The vibration cannot be scene but you can feel them as simple tremors on your body. This usually occurs through nervous stimulation which in turn brings the vibration effect. Therefore, don't worry about the vibration effect since it is normal. Share your comments if you have ever felt something like that.

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