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8 Smart Gadgets it is Hard to Believe they Exists

Sonogram belt for pregnant women

With the help of a gentle bandage, this gadget is attached to a baby bump and the results are amazing. You can actually see how the baby is doing while still in the womb. Parents to be can see various things like how the baby is sleeping, moving and how the baby is reacting to various sounds

A projecting bracelet

We all have see those projectors which displays image on a white wall or object. This is a bracelet from Cicret Company which has a mini projector and sensor that projects the appearance of your Smartphone screen software on your arm. You can go ahead and do some commands like calling or receiving a call.

Flat Iron to lighten hair

There are some different methods to lighten your hair so that you may have blonde like appearance. A certain brand called Pravana has a very interesting method with the help of hair straighten that lightens your hair in several minutes. The method is also very safe

Touch Hear Tactile dictionary

Here is another impressive innovation that has amazed a lot of people. This device is called a Touch Hear text recognition which consists of two parts, a speaker attached to your ear and a small sensor attached to your ear. When you touch a word in a book then you will hear its meaning. The device is very cool and does not bother other people; it was built by the scientists at the National University of Singapore.

Brain Activity Simulator

This device will help you in different ways, for example when you feel tired or stressed, the device can relive you and make you feel relaxed. It has various modes like, deep relax, motivation, and even bliss where you feel like a light drunkenness

Extractor Pump kit

This device works by a sanction mechanism whereby it helps suck some poison from different animals and insects. If you have been bitten by a snake and you cannot get to a hospital faster, then you can use this device to decrease the amount of poison in your body. It can also be used after a bee, wasp mosquito or spider bite

Stop insomnia Mask

This mask was created for those people who are not able to sleep due to various reasons like, experiencing anxiety, thinking about problems, and distracted by external stimuli. When sleeping the mask will give you glowing light that resembles sun set and a soft blue when waking up

Neutrogena Light Therapy Mask

This mask is very unique as it has LED lights inside, blue to fight bacteria and red to reduce inflammation. It will spare you from directly applying masks onto your face. It is recommended that you put it on every day for 10 minutes for a month.

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Cicret Company Flat Iron Pravana


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