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Google searches that can get you into trouble

Google has been a source of fast hand information for quite sometimes. But when using google you have to be careful with what you search or otherwise you may find yourself in trouble , either an arrest by the police or you might become a victim of some scam.Here are some searches you need to avoid.

1 Searching and downloading apps from google

Some of the apps you find in google may not be original and can cause harm to your device. Also the app might be used by hackers to obtain your personal information. You are therefore advised to download apps from known sources such as Appstore and Google playstore.

2 Torrenting

Torrenting is illicit streaming of videos from the internet. Torrenting copyrighted materials is illegal and may land you in court for copyright violation. Alo some unofficial streaming sites showing TV shows and movies might not be licenced and you may land in hot soup if you are caught using them.

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