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Why Your Phone Will Help You Achieve Success

Your work phone must never go off. In today's world that's your shop and the landing point for opportunities. Being off for even one hour can mean you miss out on the one call that was meant to tide you over to the next level.

When you study successful people you'll realize that they have a phone line that is always reachable. And even when it's past working hours or weekends you can always leave a message or a missed call and they will get back. 

While they have a structure in their life for when to attend to enquiries and when to get away from their phone and attend to other things, they still understand that life, the world of business, is in a flux and a good opportunity can arrive outside official hours.

If you're inconsistent with your phone reliability you'll discourage your would-be clients and your destiny helpers. Resourceful people have no time to call you twice, or even to ring once until the end.

Generally if you don't pick the first twenty seconds they assume you're unavailable. And they lower you in the order of priorities in their mind.

Related to being always reachable is being prompt in responding to enquiries. This gives the prospects confidence and they may end up buying from you just because of your speed in returning emails and messages. 


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