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7 Reasons Your Laptop Is Super Slow And How To Fix It

If your Windows laptop isn' t as fast as it once was, there are a few things you can do to get it up and running again. It' s possible that it' s infected with malware, or that you' re using an out- of- date operating system. There may also be too many startup programs or temporary files. You can need to repair your hard drive or memory cards if you have an older laptop.

1. Stop running too many background programs

One of the simplest things you can do if your laptop is slow is to close as many programs as possible. Some programs, however, continue to run in the background even after you have closed them. These programs will use a lot of your computing power, causing your laptop to slow down.

The solution is to close programs that are running in the background using Windows Task Manager. Select Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete on your keyboard. Then, in the bottom- left corner, make sure to press More info. This allows you to see which programs are using the most CPU, memory, and other resources on your machine.

2. You have an excessive number of startup programs

You might also have an excessive number of programs open when you first turn on your screen. Some of these programs will ask for permission to run when your computer starts up in the hopes that you will use them more frequently. Some programs, on the other hand, will run automatically any time you turn on your computer without ever asking for permission.

Solution: Go to the Startup tab at the top of the Task Manager window to see which programs are scheduled to run when you boot your laptop. The name, status, and startup impact of the application are all displayed here.

3. Your operating system is no longer supported

You may be missing out on new driver updates and software patches if you haven' t updated your operating system in a while. This can cause your laptop to slow down and leave you vulnerable to security flaws that hackers can exploit to infect your computer.

Windows releases major feature updates twice a year on average. Patches for improving security and fixing bugs, on the other hand, are released on a monthly basis. Make sure your system is up to date if your laptop seems to be running slower than usual.

4. Your laptop is infected with a virus

Your computer could be infected with malware if you' re seeing pop- up ads or your programs are randomly crashing (malicious software). When you open emails from unknown senders or download files from suspicious websites, your computer can become infected.

Malware of various types can cause your laptop to slow down for a variety of reasons. Any malware can infect the memory of your laptop and spread to other programs and files. Malware is often used by hackers to steal personal information, such as your bank account information or home address.

5. Files that are in pieces

When you make, delete, or edit a file on your machine, it fragments some of the data. That means bits and pieces of files are scattered around your hard drive. Since your hard drive has to hop around to locate each piece of data, this may cause your laptop to slow down over time.

You can defragment your machine to consolidate and organize the data on your drives. Although Windows 10 defragments files automatically once a week, you can also do so manually at any time.

7. You' re running out of RAM

Your laptop' s random- access memory (RAM) serves as temporary storage. It keeps all of your computer' s essentials on standby. The information can then be easily retrieved and passed on to your processor when the time comes.

You can get by with 2- 4 GB of RAM for simple tasks like word processing and web browsing. Multitasking or graphics- intensive programs, on the other hand, can necessitate 8- 16 GB of RAM or more. Although adding more RAM will not necessarily speed up your laptop, some programs will not run properly unless you have more than the minimum amount of RAM.

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