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SOFT SKILLS Necessary for Data Manager or Data Analyst

Soft skills necessary for data analyst or for data Manager

 A data analyst is a person who collects and organizes data and then use that information to solve problems of an organization or a certain business. Data manager as well is anyone who can develop, organize , oversee, store and analyze data and data systems of a certain company or business. This should be done with utmost security and confidentiality as well as ensure that the systems developed organized and accessible. During data analysis, one should consider business objectives, technology so as to bring out the desired results as per the company or business.

Below are some of the soft skills that a data analyst or data manager should posses:

1.Professional ethics skill-Its good as a data analyst to always follow the rules that govern your career. For instance, you are not supposed to expose any data or findings of a company without their consent. Thus one should ensure data and information security by use of digital security systems

2.Time management and how to work under pressure-sometimes as a data analyst you might be subjected to pressure of meeting a certain deadline. One should be able to do proper time management so as to work smart and provide effective results. Also be able to respond to any query for information from other staffs or management in a timely manner.

3.Creativity-as a data analyst, you should be able to uncover or recognize any trends or business spending habits in order to improve it's profitability or company's performance. One should also be able to come up with strategies, policies and technology that can ensure efficient data collection and analysis for accurate and adequate information

4.Problem solver-as a data analyst, you should always be able to troubleshoot any data related problem either on a database, algorithm or in lines so as to make informed decision and continue to capture efficient data needed.

5.Team worker-its important as a data analyst to always collaborate with other colleagues in a company so as to identify and state which problems to tackle and solve them via data analysis especially where the company is big.

6.Decision making-as a data analyst, sometimes you might be faced with some trends or behavior while assessing the data system performance. This will require one to make an informed decision or develop a standard operation when archiving the data and should be in accordance to business requirements.

7.Self confidence-its important when managing data or doing analysis to always have personal assurance. Always believe in yourself

8.Excellent communication skills-as a data analyst, one should be able to communicate or relay information to his fellow workmates or team about your findings in a way that they can easily understand.

9..Good presentation skills-you should be able to plan and deliver your findings in an appropriate way that other people will understand either physically, orally or electronically

10.Attentive skills-while keying in data, one should be extra careful to details so as not to make any mistake which might result to great damage after analysis.

Content created and supplied by: Evelyne-mbuvi (via Opera News )


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