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HACKER, Everything You Need To Know About Hacking.

Often you hear people talking about hacking.For instance in the recent Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp crash,there was some speculation that they could have been hacked. But what do we mean by this term hack. And who are these guys referred to as hackers. Generally we think them as cool anti_social dudes. Is this really true?

Curiosity is one of the most important virtues of hackers. They are always impressed by how things work and why they work in that particular way. To be a hacker you don't need to be a genius but if you are one ,nice and good.

However when most of us think about hackers we often think them as bad people . Often we figure them as psychotic dudes wearing masks .While this can be true this is not often the case,they are some good hackers. Let's look at all this different kinds of hackers.

1. White hat hackers.

This are good hackers.Often hired by companies and or government to protect them from intrusion from unauthorized attacks .They are good as the guys but they use their knowledge .To detect,speculate and stop attacks. They also upgrade system to be more secure.

2. Gray hat hackers.

They manipulate systems just from curiosity.And after finding vulnerabilities. They report them to the concerned individuals.They can also give recommendations of how to stop attacks like those in the future. Thier down side is that they don't have permission while first entertaining in the system

3.Black hat hackers.

These are bad guys, who use their knowledge in computer systems .To manipulate and exploit them for their own benefit.They often don't think about the consequences of Thier actions on other people.

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