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Mistakes We Should Stop When Charging Our Phones: Be Careful Because We Like Committing Them

If there is a gadget that needs proper care then it is your smartphone. It is really of good help to you. By this, you know what I mean. Let us look at common mistakes we make especially when charging the phones which render it to damage:

1. Charge To 80% And Not Beyond:

This is the optimum percentage that your smartphone needs for survival of the battery life. Due to overheating, it should nor exceed 80%. I know you leave it to be at 100% because thus is final but it is not encouraged. 100% is just there to finalize the percentage figures. As a good caretaker of your phone, you need to follow simple procedures. Be sure enough your phone shall last longer.

2. Avoid Continuous Charging:

Most of us have the tendency of continuous charging because we feel like our phones should not be drained while we watch. It is good yes but take care because your battery also needs rest. Plug your charger when your phone is at 20% and unplug it when it reaches 80% to increase battery lifespan.

3. Charge Your Phone With Original Charger And Avoid Faster Chargers:

We like this tendency too of trying every other charger. It is very wrong because when you bought your phone you were given an original charger please for it. Make sure you use the original charger or replace it with another same charger. We also have the tendency of getting faster chargers for our phones. Cheap is always expensive. Why should we go for faster chargers yet you know they produce high voltages which may interfere with the battery life.

4. Don't Charge Your Phone Overnight Or Put It Off Whenever You Are Charging:

If you get to charge your phone at night because this is what we like, make sure you put it off. This prevents unnecessary overheating and damaging the battery life.

5. Avoid Gaming While Charging:

You know very well gaming is not good for our phones. We need alternative means like using our laptops or desktops to complete our gaming. Avoid gaming while Charging because the two produce a lot of heat which may even cause an explosion! Stay active all the time to avoid unnecessary injuries.

Your phone should be your close friend because it is the one you use to get I'm touch with your friends and relatives. It is very important. If you find the article useful please share it to your friends and follow my channel for more information like this. Thank you.

Content created and supplied by: RobertOnsongo (via Opera News )


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