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Why Boys Become A Loafer

If you're raising a boy who is older than 8 years and instead of seeing him being curious and immersed in exploration all he's doing is eating, playing and sleeping, you're raising a lazy person. He'll become just another aimless man wandering on the face of the earth.

The way to mould a boy into a man is to awaken his masculine energy by exposing him to mechanical things and stories of conquest and achievement. Let him watch documentaries and tales of men who altered the course of history, then watch what sparks his interest and provide more of that. Don't let computer games and cartoons crowd his space and his mind.

Being a man is not just about biological functioning but his whole energy. Masculinity is a muscle that is developed by stirring and incubation. It's a mindset. Let's focus in raising our boys in the right path so that they can be the best in the future, spare the road spoil the child.

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