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Top Five Most Expensive Phones That You Probably Never New They Exist

If you think that you own one of the expensive phones, I am sorry to say that your phone is cheap. The price of phones that I am going to list in this article is out of this world. This kind of phone can only be affordable to super-rich individuals who are so much into luxurious phones. I always think that iPhone 11 pro was the most expensive phone in the market. Additionally, many people believe that iPhone is the only expensive phone brand in the world. Here are the five luxurious and expensive phones that are very unfamiliar to you.

1.Virtue Signature Cobra

This phone is manufactured by virtue Phones Company. The firm is well known for making some of the most expensive phones in the world. The phone was created by a French Jewelry Company known as Boucheron Vertu. One of the reasons why this phone is luxurious is because it is gold plated, and has a cobra that wraps itself around the phone. In this case, the virtue signature phone cost $310,000 and can be Ksh 31 million in Kenya.

2.Goldvish Revolution

The second expensive phone in the world is the Goldvish Revolution that has a noticeable shape from the other expensive phones. The phone comprises a sapphire glass pageant case, diamonds, white and pink gold, and fine leather. Furthermore, the phone has a detachable analog watch. The phone cost $488159 or Ksh 48,815,000

3.Goldvish Le Million

Goldvish Le million is another expensive and luxurious phone on the list. The phone is created from the famous luxurious brand known as Goldvish. When it was introduced in the market, the phone one of the Guinness Book of Records expensive phones in the world market. The phone was designed by a jewelry and watch designer known as Emmanuel Gueit. The phone encompasses a sapphire glass, 120 carats of vvsp-1 grade diamonds, and 18-carat white gold. However, the firm designed only three phones of this kind. The phone costs 100 million.

4.Diamond Crypto Smartphone

The phone was created by Aloisson but was manufactured by JSC Ancort. The phone was once the most expensive as it contains solid platinum, and the home button and its logo comprise a rose gold. Besides, it has blue-colored diamonds and 50 diamonds studded on them. The wooden sides of the phone are from Macassar Ebony. The phone also has software that was created to keep the owner's sensitive information safe. The phone costs $1.3 million or Ksh 130 million.

5.iPhone 3G Kings Button

iPhone 3G Kings Button was designed by an Austrian designer known as Peter Alison. The phone is made of 18-karat yellow, white, and rose gold. The white stripe that is in this phone is decorated with over a hundred diamonds. The apps of this phone have a 6.6-carat diamond when you press it moves when using the phone. The phone costs $2.5 million or Ksh 250 million.


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