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Do Not Put Your Device in Rice, Here Is The Right Way To Dry Smartphone if It Falls In Water

If your phone happens to fall into water, the best course of action is to disassemble it and let each component dry off separately. To restore functionality to a phone that has been harmed by alcohol, disassembling it and cleaning each component separately is required.

The alcohol will not be effective in preventing the appearance of rust spots on the phone. It is not possible to use alcohol in place of water in this recipe. I tried protecting my phone by placing it in a bag of rice, but it was damaged. This is due to the fact that it was already in a damaged state to begin with. Repairing a broken phone using rice bags is not a recommended course of action.

Should I still put my broken phone in the rice bag even though it's already broken? If it is already broken, then it won't hurt as much after it is repaired. Just so there is no confusion, this is not going to be a solution. Since yesterday, the rice bag has been attempting to revive my lifeless phone without any success. Any and all suggestions would be very much appreciated. Remove it from the muslin bag and let it to dry in the open air. Before turning it on, you need to be sure that it has completely dried out.

Utilize a Hoover when necessary. If you have a vacuum cleaner that has a little attachment, you can try to remove the water from the microscopic cracks and crevices of your phone by using that. If you use the vacuum on a low setting, you won't have to worry about your phone getting damaged.

Move the vacuum attachment across the surface of the phone in a smooth and even motion without exerting too much pressure. Warm air can be blown over the phone with the use of a hair dryer set to a low heat setting.

Be careful not to get too close to the phone's surface or apply too much pressure as you move the hair dryer around it. Move it around in a circular motion. If necessary, a dehumidifier should be used. Utilizing a dehumidifier, which can assist in lowering the level of humidity in the space, makes the process of drying out your phone much simpler.

If you are standing in the snow or rain, you should not attempt to use your phone or any other electronic device.

In the stalls, the restroom is not the place to check your phone or use your computer.

To put it another way, you don't need to worry about whether or not you're going to ruin your phone if you let it get wet. This won't happen. Rice won't be there today. Place it on the counter, ensure that it is switched off, and do not attend to it. If you require assistance turning off your phone, please check out and read our instructions.

Is Consuming Alcohol Actually Required? Check out our in-depth instructions in case you're having trouble putting your phone to sleep in case you're having trouble putting your phone to sleep. Because of the rapid rate at which alcohol evaporates, it may be useful in circumstances in which the elimination of water is a primary concern.

The most challenging aspect of drinking is learning how to get alcohol into your system. Make use of an alcohol-impregnated cotton swab or cloth instead of the liquid itself. After that, you can utilize it to carefully clean the device in question. In the end, this will be the most dependable method for transporting the alcoholic beverages to the desired location.

There's also the option of submerging the phone in a glass of vodka. If you choose to proceed in this manner, ensure that the phone is submerged completely before beginning. If you did that, the phone would be accessible to the alcoholic beverage.


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