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2 Easy Ways Of Making Money Using Your Smartphone In Kenya

Have you ever been curious about Making money online especially using your phone? I am referring to here in Kenya where you have access to social media and a large audience. It's unfortunate if you haven't got an idea, but here I am to show you some ways of making money through your phone and getting paid.

1. Becoming a news creator

This involves reporting news by use of articles. For example writing news, citizen digital or any online media company. One example is opera news where you write news or stories then gat paid later. However you have to wait to be verified in order to begin posting the content. However, your content has to be unique, meaning it should not be copy pasted from another website since it will be rejected. Once your post is approved it will attract readers and enable you earn money. Once you reach the 1000 ksh threshold, Opera will go on to pay you.

2. Blogging

This is another major income source for a number of Kenyans. Blogging is the writing of content into a website so that people can access it. People earn money through ads that the website gets. So the higher the traffic in a website the more money one makes. You must have come across websites like Tuko News, Ghafla, Mpasho among others that consistently share stories. The stories they share makes them good money.

Do you want to try any of them in order to make money? Register a blog or create an account with any online media company that offers it. With the information above, you'll be making money just like other people who are in formal jobs.

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