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Follow These few Steps and Back up Your Phone Data to Avoid Losing it

If you have stored important data in your phone such as photos, messages, documents and also passwords, its is important to back up this data. This helps you to get your data back incase you you lose your phone. Backing up data will help you to retreve your phone password incase you forget it. Some people think that backing up data is long and lengthy process and so they don't do it. Through these few steps you can do it so easily.The first step is to go to your phone settings, select back up data in your phone system. You will then be required to enter a google account that will back up this data.Just by doing this your data will be backed up. So incase you lose it you just need to click on your the google account and get it back. This is the data backed up in the google account;

1.Google Calendar events and settings

2.Call history

3.Photos and images

4.SMS text messages (not MMS)

5.Wi-Fi networks and passwords


7.Gmail settings


9.Display settings (brightness and sleep)

10.Language and input settings

11.Date and time

Settings and data for apps not made by Google (varies by app). Please share.

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