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Advantages that the 5G network has over the 4G network

The the leading Telecom operator in Kenya Safaricom has officially unveiled its 5G network to customers after piloting the high speed internet services from March last year.

Connecting your home to 5G network will not be that cheap because of its high cost.

Incase one needs the he will be required to obtain a 5G router at Ksh.25,000 in addition to a Ksh.5000 set up cost as per the Safaricom terms.

Currently most people are using 2G, 3G and 4G network in most parts of the country.

The advantages the 5G network is as follows

1. The 5G network offers customers high speed connectivity to the internet with low latency

2. It will complement Safaricom’s high speed fibre network

3. The 5G will allow the Safaricom to deliver high speed internet connections to areas unserved by its current fibre network.

4. 5G network has an average internet speeds of between 250 and 350MBPs compared to 4G’s average of 30 to 50 MBPs.

5. It's highly reliability.

6. low power consumption.

7. multi-level security and ubiquitous connectivity

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