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Elon Musk and a Pig to Revolutionize the world

Elon Musk, "the Tony Stark in the real world" , owns various companies that deal with tech that typically revolutionizing the the way we live. From electric cars by Tesla, space exploration by SpaceX and online money transfers by Paypal. The most recent company by Musk is the Neuralink Company started in the year 2016. It was started with Musk and a couple professionals that deal with Artificial Intelligence and Neurology.

In the month of October Musk and his company, Neuralink, launched a coin sized chip implanted inside a pig's brain named Getrude. Getrude is one of three pigs by Neuralink that contain two chips. The pigs were confirmed by Musk to be healthy and indistinguishable from the normal pigs.

This was a step closer to Neuralink's aim that is to be able to cure neurological diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer's,insomnia,depression,hearing loss and spinal chord injuries with AI and gradually intertwine human brain with artificial Intelligence. They aim to accomplish this by the help of a wireless computer interface implant embedded within the human brain.

The first wireless chip to be connected to a human brain is said that it will be done by a robot surgeon and that it will be possible to connect it to the digital electrical devices like smartphones.This initial trials will be targeting to cure parkison's disease and paralysis. The project will be an advancement in the Brain Computer Interface still a project done by Neuralink to incorporate the human brain and the computer.

In terms of financial capacity for the project to progress, the company has an investment of $158 million with $100 million being contributed by Elon Musk, currently the second richest man in the world.

This project is seen to be a great leap in the Neurological field but experts say there is more to be done. As we all know with Elon Musk, he will be up to the task with the challenge.

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