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Why You Should Turn Off Your Phone's Location Mode Now

I am sure you have gone through your phone and come across the Location mode in it. This is a useful feature in most phones., especially if you are seeking directions from where you are to where you are going. 

However, while this feature is a useful one, it is important to note that it can also bring harm to your way. When the location feature is on in your smart phone, can be used by people with bad intentions to cause harm.

With advanced technology, right now, it is very easy to track and get to know the exact location of a person using the android phone. It takes just few minutes to track someone who has turned on his location mode.

One of the questions one may ask is how someone who has a track on you can be able to cause harm. Remember that robbers always take time to do their research before they get to break in a house and still. 

One of the things they will need is to know your location at the moment. By tracking you, they can be able to easily read your schedule in a way that they know very well where you spend you say or where you work.

They will have information like after job where you usually visit. By doing that they are therefore able to monitor you and therefore steal from you so easily.

As well as being shared with unknown third parties, location service information may be used inappropriately to track a user’s travel patterns, buying habits, and general behavior. At one level, this monitoring could extend to the building up of a profile of activities and movements that includes not only your business and commercial dealings but also the schools that your kids attend, and the location and nature of any political gatherings or religious services you might attend.

At another, more sinister level, enough information could conceivably be gathered via location services for a complete personality profile to be drawn up, and a user’s identity then sold on to third parties for criminal or other purposes.

This is something that is happening and many are victims. You can use your location mode but after you are done, it is important to just turn it off to avoid such things.

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