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Simple Way To Check Your NHIF And NSSF Status Via Sms

NHIF and NSSF offices have recorded large crowd queueing to check their contribution. With the current state of the nation it is not advisable to have large crowd queueing due to presence of corona Virus which requires social distancing as a control measure.

Also, visiting such offices located mostly located in urban areas is time consuming and expensive due to transport cost.

NHIF and NSSF have brought solution to such challenges. One can easily check in their contributions using website portal online or even check their emails. However these can be a bit challenging to most remote areas due to low data connectivity. The best way is to check it via SMS.

The following are steps on how one can check their NHIF and NSSF status using SMS:

How to check your NSSF status via SMS.

1. Send the word NSSF to the number 6773 in order to check your balance. You shall be provided instructions on how to proceed OR

2. Type NSSFand then click (space button) followed by NSSF number then (space button) add the date of birth(space) then Full names(space) and send it to 6773.

3. You shall receive your pin within a few seconds and after validation.

4. Type the word Bal, New pin and send it to 6773.

5. Immediately, the NSSF statement will be issued to you and you'll be able to check your balance.

How to check NHIF status via SMS.

1. Open your phone messaging app.

2. On the messaging space, type your ID and click (space button) and then type your National ID number or passport number.

3. Then send the message to the number 21101.

4. After a few seconds you will receive a message having your balance.

Any inquiries about NHIF and NSSF that you would like to know? Please leave your comment concerning this matter.

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