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Rada...? Panic As Whatsapp Delays Services Leaving Insecurities On Leaking Of Confidentials

Surprisingly today evening Kenyans could question on whether it is a network issue,lack of enough bundles or even to an extent of restarting and switching off their phones after realising whatsapp has stopped completely.

No clear reason behind the quite shocking and disturbing act of that particular online platform suddenly stopping its services.This has created tension and panic on what will happen to the confidential informations and the respective accounts in this course or after.

With series of complains on twitter on hashtag,#whatsapp the Reuters have explained it to be a as a result of the Domain Name System of the internet failing to work,(DNS).Funny enough people have even been dowloading and editing the settings of their various whatsapp whether it is a whatsapp messenger,FM whatsapp or even GB whatsapp and many others,in the name of having everything right

However, let's patiently wait for the internet wizards to confirm on the real problem behind this and hoping it won't take any longer.

Do you think that this could be as a result of hackings?

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