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Avoid This To Protect Your Phone Internal Battery From Damage

A major trend over the past few years has been the move to seal batteries inside of a smartphone. Instead of having easily-replaceable batteries, many modern smartphones won’t even allow you to access it. This is how you should charge a non removable phone and avoid damaging your phone

1. Don't let your phone reach 0%

Many smartphone users do this. Users would keep using their phones until it practically begs to be charged when it hits 10 to 15 percent or even just shuts down because there's no more juice in it. What users should remember is that their smartphones use Li-ion batteries and those do NOT need to be drained then charged in full. In fact, Battery University says that following this practice only shortens the lifespan of Li-ion batteries because it adds stress-yes, batteries get stressed too.

2. Avoid charging your phone with it's case

Part of a battery's stress comes from the temperature and it is no secret that your smartphone sometimes heats up during charging. Removing your phone case would help your phone and its battery charge at a comfortable temperature. Even Apple reminds users to avoid charging their devices in extreme temperatures-and Li-ion batteries have a different definition for "extreme."

3. Avoid overcharging

Now this is a very common mistake. Smartphone users plug in their devices before they sleep then pull the plug when they wake up many hours after. Unfortunately, unless a user only sleeps two to three hours, this could pose a problem because Li-ion batteries usually reach 100 percent charge between two and three hours.

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