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4 Ways To Make Your Phone To Last Longer

The shelf life of a phone is one thing people consider when buying phones. There are phones built to last longer but there are others which spoil quickly forcing you to buy a new one sooner than you had planned. However there are simple ways that may prolong your phone's shelf life.

1. Keep updating your phone.

Inorder to keep your phone running as fast as possible and free from problems it is important to update the operating system and the third party apps as they are released. These updates don't take long and their benefits includes fixing bugs and resolving security issues to changes that bring new features and improve overall performance so that your device works more smoothly and quickly.

2. Delete some apps.

Phones have a finite amount of storage and memory, which is why it is important to keep the number of unused apps to a minimum. Routinely deleting apps you don't use from your phone will save storage space and prevents apps from running in the background using precious resources.

3. Put a case on it.

It is a good idea to cover the phone in a protective case to help keep it from breaking when it inevitably drops. Paying for costly screen or repair will cost you alot of money.

4. Regularly clean the ports and the screen.

Even if you use a case take a few minutes once in a while to clean out any lint or dirty in the charging port, earphone port and the screen.

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