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10 Things We Do Every day That Are Illegal Yet We Don't Know

1. Using Public Wifi

It is actually not right to connect to someone's wifi and use of public wifi is also illegal without the consent of the person. Apart from just being illegal it is also risky to use public wifi. Some people have actually been arrested in some nations because of using public wifi.

2. Using fake names on social media

Here most people are affected but that doesn't make it right. Most people have used names that are not theirs and even use fake ID making them to fake names and other important details about them. You could actually be arrested for that.

3. Streaming TV shows on your social media

It is wrong and illegal to stream TV shows and live TV events on social media and your account can be suspended and even charged for that. The international laws also prohibit that.

4. Using content that is copyrighted

Anything that is copyrighted is not supposed to be used and recreated without the consent of the originator. Any image that is subjected to copyright should not be used and its illegal. One can be arrested for that.

5. Using your phone while driving

Driving and using your phone is prohibited and can lead to arrest. Either texting or calling while driving may cause accidents in road and that is why it is strictly prohibited. No matter how experienced you are as a driver, don't try it for your own safety and the safety of the others.

6. Sharing your passwords

Never Share you password in any site that tells you to do that. Many people actually do it especially on some subscription services. International laws prohibit sharing of password and it is actually illegal.

7. Underage people using social media

It is actually illegal for the underage to be allowed to use social media. For instance, whatsapp should not be used by anyone that is under the age of 13 and the same applies to other social media platforms.

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