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Want to Hit KES 1M in Tiktok? You Can Follow These Guidelines

TikTok has transformed digital platforms and drawn individuals from all kinds of backgrounds to be one of the most popular platforms from its very inception in 2018.

Kenya's most renowned TikToker is Azziad Nasenya. She became famous after her Utawezana dance dare hit the internet, and she has now been on Television programs and in advertising, as well as inspiring her TikTok fanbase.

TikTok queen Azziad Nasenya has made a name for herself

With the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus and the imposition of curfews, social media has taken a step forward, with numerous Kenyan content providers entering the network and gaining a large fan base.

TikTok may provide you with enough money to survive on, as well as the opportunity to indulge in your clothing buying habit - but not as much as you might imagine, considering the magnitude of your popularity.

Ways You Can Make Money On TikTok

Simply install TikTok to go live and broadcast to your follower. You must have at least 1,000 TikTok followers to generate money on the platform.

Here are different ways to get money on TikTok.

Offer Your Products or Services

You can create content to offer to your fans. Invent anything easily and market it. It is not a big deal. This may be a smartphone cover with your images on it or your trademark; if you can draw, sell your artwork to your fans.

So, if you do not have a massive following, here's what you should do. Try using additional social networking sites, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, to expand your network. It will be a hit with them.

Offer Affiliate Marketing Services

Affiliate marketing Pictures, Affiliate marketing Stock Photos & Images |  Depositphotos®

TikTok online advertising can take the form of spontaneous, free content or sponsored advertising. Bigger affiliates and businesses have organized competitions, challenges, and product acquisitions.

TikTok has the potential to be a jackpot for practically any company, particularly your affiliate business. The platform has a large and rising fan base, which means it has a lot of money-making opportunities.

Become an Influencer

The most remarkable aspect about TikTok is that it is possible to become an influencer instantly. Tiktok makes things very simple for its users by offering a section called the for you page where it presents all of the best videos, even if you aren't following the individual.

From brand promotion and follower interaction, prominent TikTok influencers may make anywhere from KES 50,000 and KES 2, 000,000 every video. The greater the intended viewer's interaction rate, the greater the marketer's ctr. You may gain additional cash on TikTok after your TikTok account has a lot of fans.

Earn money by referring others to Amazon or Jumia

Jumia: The e-commerce start-up that fell from grace - BBC News

TikTok also allows marketers to try out new exciting, stylish, and innovative advertising strategies. Affiliates may advertise Jumia's or Amazon's products to gain up to 11percentage commission on each completed order placed through their referral link.

If you have a webpage, weblog, or any other relevant social networking site, you may make some quick cash online. When a referred consumer purchases something from the online merchant, such as computers, clothing, garments, or household items, they are given a KES 500 credit to use on the platform.


TikTok isn't showing any signs of slowing off anytime soon. Because so many prominent companies have switched to TikTok, affiliates and advertisers that choose to focus their marketing efforts on TikTok may expect higher rates of return.

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