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Opinion: Importance Of Mic Testing One Two

Microphone testing was discovered by inventor an England scholar James Edward Macro West in 1877.The main aim was to make a functional telephone.The microphone test is actually a complete system test designed to find problems in the microphone, cables, amplification and speakers system. Testing one, two, accomplishes the task and requires little thought with no restriction where any kind of vocalization accomplish the task.Performers just need to know the system is functional and reliable before they begin their show.

Testing, one ,two is traditional and still very much in use. Another favourite, particularly in theatre and television .Actors find it easy and natural to respond by prolonged sound checks, and that horriblebpractice of 'ringing out' normally indicate bad equipment, a bad setup, or an attempt to run the show far too loud.

Experience and skill are required. Performers rarely manage to give an idea of performance level in a sound check.

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