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7 Tricks That Can Speed Up Your Phone

Restart your phone 3 times a weekThe RAM (random access memory) of our phones gets fuller and fuller while we keep using and downloading new apps. Restarting it 3 times a week is the only solution to free some space so that our phone can works faster. When you restart the phone, all the RAM is cleared out and you can start fresh. You can make things easier by setting auto-restarts for the days and times you want by using your setting menu.

Turn your phone off if you’re using an ambient screen

Ambient screen is a great feature that allows you to see your notifications easily without having to unlock your screen. But in the long run, this really drains your battery faster than any other setting, and this harms your phone’s health. Moreover, the ambient screen always stays on, even while you’re charging your phone, an action that can take hours to complete.

Enable the data saver in Chrome

Experts claims that about 90% of mobile phone users like using Chrome for their browsing, and that’s why the data saver setting can be lifesaving. That’s because this setting compresses the pages you view by 30% and the videos you're watching by 50%. Therefore, you use way less data and you can browse the Internet at a much faster pace. All you need to do is go to Chrome’s settings and enable the data saver feature.

Clean the system memory several times during the day

Android systems close unnecessary processes on their own Oftentimes, but this is something you can also do on your own. Cleaning your system memory as many times as you want during the day will keep boosting your phone’s speed. Remember that there are apps that promise to do that for you, but they take up space and sometimes drain the battery. And that’s why performing a manual clean-up will speed up your phone more accurately than any app.

Install light versions of applications

Most of us don't know that even brand new phones can find hard to process some heavy applications, which can affect the phone’s speed. That’s why the light versions of apps can offer you effectiveness without slowing you down. This is very important if your phone is somehow old and its memory is close to zero. Some of these light versions can even accommodate phones with RAM as low as 1GB.

Don’t exposing your phone to extreme temperatures

If you exposed your device to very cold or very hot temperatures, it may lower the life of the battery or even kill the battery. That's why you're recommended not to leave your phones exposed to the sunlight on very hot days. Apart from that, don’t take your phones out in the freezing cold if we need to take a call or look for directions. Therefore, the most important thing that we need to do is to keep our phones warm, but not to the point of excessive heat.

Don’t update and upgrade too much

This might seem weird, but if your phone isn’t brand new, new versions and upgrades will slow it down. Additionally, if your memory is almost full, pushing it even harder with updates will have a negative effect on the speed. Keep in mind that you can continue using your Android without updating, the only downside is that you won’t be getting the new features.

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