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Why Phones Lose Signal When A President Or Any Other Special Person Is Visiting A Place

A president is a very special person and this at times makes his life risky. His motorcade too might be the safest but at the same time the riskiest. Therefore there is need to be more cautious when he/she is visiting a place more so where insecurity levels are high.

With phones everywhere, communication is easy and this is one of the top security concerns that is usually taken care of first. You have heard once or twice that people were unable to use their phones in a given area because the president or some special person was there. How do you think they manage to do that? It probably can't be the network provider because at the same very time other people are enjoying a good signal.

The secret is that the security of the president is always accompanied by a jammer if not jammers in some instances. A jammers is a device that disrupts the flow of signal for cell phones, GPS receivers and even radios. You won't easily tell that your phone has been jammed and will take it as a normal signal problem. The area affected by the jammer depends on its size and signal strength.

With a poor signal strength, people with evil plans won't be able to communicate and this way their plan will fail. So next time this happens to you, you will easily tell what is happening. Nowadays some people have personal jammers which they use in public. Other places you can get jammers include hospitals, libraries and interrogation rooms as they don't need any disturbance using phones.

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