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How To Make Calls Using a Modem on Your Computer or Laptop

A few years ago the only way to access the internet was though the use of a modem. Technology has really grown making internet access is almost readily available to anyone. There are various ways to connect your laptop to the internet; you can use hot spot on your phone, tethering or just connect it to the available WI-FI network. These methods have rendered modems less attractive and if you owned one , it is probably rusting somewhere in a drawer. That Modem can be put to other uses other than just rusting there. Did you know that that Huawei or ZTE modem is basically a phone? You probably didn't know. Yes the modem is a phone that lacks an imbedded screen.

So how do you make and receive calls on your laptop using that modem? First, you will need a few tools namely; the modem, a modem unlock tool and a calling tool. For the unlock tool, you will download Huawei modem unlocker or DC modem unlocker. Connect you modem to the laptop or desktop computer and run either of the software as admin. detect the modem, once it has been detected; click on unlock modem. Once the unlocking is successful, download a calling software called mobile partner. Install mobile partner and run it, let it detect the modem and there you go. Input any number and enjoy calling. use ear[hones for best experience. Follow my channel for more informative articles, like, share and comment.

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