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10 Things We Do Every day That Are Illegal Yet We Don't Know

1. Making Use of Public Wifi 

Connecting to someone's wifi is truly unlawful, and using public wifi without the person's consent is also prohibited. Using public wifi is not only unlawful, but also dangerous. Some people have been arrested in some countries for accessing public wifi. 

2. Using fictitious names on social media 

The majority of people in this area are harmed, but it does not make it right. Most people have used fictitious identities and even utilized phony ID to conceal their true names and other personal information. You could be arrested for doing so. 

3. Watching TV episodes on social media 

Streaming TV shows and live TV events on social media is immoral and illegal, and your account may be suspended or even punished as a result. That is also prohibited by international law. 

4. Making use of copyrighted content 

Anything that is copyrighted is not to be used or recreated without the permission of the creator. Any image protected by copyright should not be utilized, as it is prohibited. It is possible to be arrested for doing so. 

5. Talking on the phone while driving 

Driving while using your phone is illegal and can result in arrest. Texting or calling while driving can lead to car accidents, which is why it is officially prohibited. For your personal safety and the safety of others, don't try it no matter how experienced you are as a driver. 

6. Exchanging passwords 

Never share your password on any website that instructs you to do so. Many people do it, especially on subscription services. Password sharing is prohibited by international law and is truly criminal. 

7. Use of social media by minors 

It is literally against the law to allow minors to access social media. WhatsApp, for example, should not be used by anyone under the age of 13, and the same is true for other social media platforms. 

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