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Safety of your android phone data by activating safe mode.

You personal data is much important than any other thing , and leaking of your information/data might lead to some misfutunes .

Leaking of phones data might result from hacking , cracking or any other data leaking app and that why my blog post of today cares for you .

Steps below guide you on how to activate safe mode in your phone .

Note: Safe mode uninstall all the third party apps temporarily and when deactivated the third party apps are restored


1. Press the power button until it displays :

Power off / shut down

Flight mode

Reboot / Restart

2. Long press the shut down / power on option till it takes you to another option that is " activate Safe mode/ Safe mode"

Select the Safe mode option and press ok then immediately your android phone will shut down and automatically power on after 2 to 3 second .

After it has power on succefully you will notice that on the left bottom side of your phones display ,it's written SAFE MODE. and also you will notice that there is no third party apps in your phone .

Congratulations your data is now Safe .

For you to deactivate the safe mode it's simple just restart your phone and all the apps will be restored.

Remember: Safe mode is different from flight mode . You can make calls and receive calls but you can never access any third party app when the Safe mode is active.

** Follow me for the next important phone tips in my next article . Share , coment and follow. **

Bye bye

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