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How to Ensure Your Smartphone's Battery Lasts Longer

Are you tired of being offline during the day, or tired of carrying power banks everywhere you go, then these are some few tips that you can use to save your daily activities by ensuring you are online throughout the day.

1. Turn off your Wi-Fi connection.

Your battery will always drain even if you are not using your phone. This is because some of android phone or iPhone applications use power in the background provided that the phone is connected to the internet. This clearly shows that your phone is in operation and the battery will be used. Therefore, consider turning off your Wi-Fi connection.

2. Reduce screen brightness 🔅

This is one of the ways that will obviously make sure that your smart phone's battery lasts longer. Many people have been going for this option what about you?. This does not only ensure that your battery lasts longer but also protects your eyes from bright light and possible eye problems.

3. Choose your phones applications wisely.

Most android applications have the habit of using a lot of power in the background. Some of these applications are the ones that have high graphics and audio. Most of the video games that have lots of adds also consume a lot of power. Therefore, it is advisable to download applications that do not have these features.

4. Turn on airplane mode.

You may need to travel for a long time but afraid that your phone power will not last that long. Then turning on the airplane mode is the best option provided that you are not going to use your phone for calling or internet for some time.

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