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The Struggles That Only Free Mode Facebook Users Understands

Facebook users were recently allowed to use free mode whereby you can surf through facebook without bundles but you can not see photos and videos.These move was made possible through the cooperation between facebook and mobile operators like Safaricom and Airtel.

Many people saw it as an advantage since you only need a working phone and internet connection. When you have to view something important,that means you will require to buy bundles or have WiFi. However we should remember that free things comes with liabilities.

The problem comes when you come across an interesting article with photos that you would like to view or a video with the best caption that you would wish to watch. You might find yourself commenting something opposite to what has been posted. For instance, one Facebook user left a burial comment on a wedding post. The comment attracted many reactions as people urged him to buy bundles and stop embarrassing himself.

Besides that, you might find a nice story posted but you have to open a link in order to read it. You will just find people commenting something that is not even on the story. The heading of the link might be a click bait where the story does not go hand in hand with the story. That means you will end up embarrassing yourself in social media. What else do you think are the challenges free mode users face?

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