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Please Never Put Your Phone In These Places

With the advanced technology mobile phones have become or dears. most of the people by now would hardly walk out without carrying their phones with them. however some of us do not know that there are some places where we should never put our phones for the sake of our safety. The following are places you should never put your phone.

Under your pillows

Looking at the screen of your phone, the screen gloves and disclose could have a bad effect on melanin production. This can lead to sleeping disorders such as insomnia. Insomnia is a health condition whereby someone finds it impossible to take a nap. If you keep your phone charging under your pillow this is even worse, this is because it increases the chances of your phone exploding. This can occur as the heat produced by the phone is retained as a result of heat escape hinderance caused by your pillow.

In your back pocket

Keeping your phone at the back pocket of your trousers could cause pain to your stomach and legs. This Could happen because your phone can exert pressure on sciatic nerve especially when you are sitting.

Close to the skin

you should never put your phone close to your skin because bacterias that may be present on the screen of your phone can be transferred to your skin and cause skin problems, this includes acne and rashes.

Close to your b*reast

Phone causes electromagnetic radiation which may increase the risk of b*reast cancer.

Near your stomach during pregnancy

if you are an expectant mother it is advisable not to carry your phone near your stomach.

On your hip

Radiation from a phone can adversely affect a bone density especially in people prone to osteoporosis. This happens because radiation may decrease the amount of antioxidants in the body.

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