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Microsoft Windows Vs Linux, Which One Is Better?


It's proprietary meaning it is not freely available to its users.To get a copy of the Operating system,the user needs to get a licensed copy from the internet or computer software dealers.

Supports many softwares from gaming to commercial purposes.The windows Os has a wide market share in personal computers all the way to large corporations,this makes software developers to develop more programs to run on its platform.

It is user friendly.Windows makes use of the graphical interface which makes it easier for users and even newbies to use.

It has voice assistant-Cortana.

It is multi user system.

Windows is constantly rebuked because of its questionable security measures.

It has huge support.

Supports many peripherals.


It is a family of open source unix like operating system based on the linux kernel an operating system kernel.

The kernel was developed by Linus Torvalds.

There are many linux distributions commonly known as distros which include: Fedora Debian and Ubuntu.

Linux is not prone to viruses like windows.

Linux systems are stable and reliable.

It is easily customisable.

Does not support many softwares and games compared to windows.

The cost of ownership and installation of linux servers is relatively cheaper.

Different distros can support a low spec computer.

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Microsoft Windows Which One Is Better Windows


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